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Bathing place & associated water

Idrottsgårdens badplats Orrhammaren i Flen_edited.jpg

The bathing place

Idrottsgården in Sörmland is a private area. The bathing area is only for residents and guests. If you are not a guest or resident, please contact us before and we will be able to solve something. It is of course possible to rent a boat, canoe, sup without being a resident. 


Cost for canoe, boat, SUP amounts to SEK 100 per person and two hours or by appointment. When renting the above, life jackets, paddle / s, oars are included. 

Idrottsgården boende vid sjön i Sörmland Flen.jpg


It is fully allowed to fish at Idrottsgården. Unfortunately, we can not supply you with fishing gear. It is not allowed to fish with nets but we stick to sport fishing. Think about the environment when you fish and only take up fish you intend to use. Also that the fish is the right size. 

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